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Beoordeling energievoorziening Leidsche Rijn
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1996
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--96-035 ECN publication
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The municipality Utrecht (Netherlands) has to deal with different,sometimes conflicting, responsibilities with respect to the energy supply of the new urban area Leidsche Rijn. Attention must be paid to the environmental effects, socio-economic aspects, the interests of the regional public utilities (REMU and GCN), the management of public works, and future impacts of planning. Insight is given into all the aspects which are relevant for the choice that has been made to connect Leidsche Rijn to a heat supply system and the Vleuten part to a natural gas supply system, taking into account the responsibilities of the municipality Utrecht. In chapter 2 a development vision with regard to the newly to be built houses and the energy performance standard is given. In chapter 3 future developments (in the fields of energy policy, liberalization of the energy market in Europe, energy technology) are discussed. In chapter 4 the planning of the energy infrastructure is dealt with. The cost effectiveness of heat supply in the Leidsche Rijn is discussed in chapter 5 and Appendix A. The relations between the energy production companies, the energy distribution companies and the energy consumers are outlined in chapter 6. In chapter 7 the possibilities, problems and consequences of the energy supply for the long term are presented in a so-called synthesis of the assessment of the energy supply in Leidsche Rijn, based on the criteria: impacts for the consumer, stages of the planning, management aspects, relevance to the national energy policy, and the value for the future. 20 figs., 14 tabs., 3 appendices, 30 refs.

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