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Compacte thermische energieopslag bij kantoorgebouwen
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Energy Efficiency in Industry 1997
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ECN-C--97-039 ECN publication
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An overview is given of existing compact energy (cold and heat) storagefacilities and techniques, based on literature and patents. The amount of energy that can be saved by storage of heat or cold in office buildings in the Netherlands is estimated. 17 alternative solutions are presented in chapter 2 in four categories: perceptible heat, latent heat, energy conversion, and other. One solution is considered to be the best option: the water bag. In chapter 3 the design of the water bag for thermal energy storage is outlined. Attention is paid to the choice of type of foil, the insulation and the heat exchange. In chapter 4 a state-of-the-art is given with respect to phase change materials, which can be used in building materials of walls and ceilings by impregnation. In chapter 5 the fuel consumption, energy conservation, investment costs and environmental impacts of several energy systems are calculated: a high efficiency boiler without a buffer, a system with solar collectors and a high efficiency boiler, a heat pump as base load and a high efficiency boiler for the peak load, a cogeneration installation with a high efficiency boiler for the peak load, and a district heating system grid without an extra peaking system. 81 figs., 45 tabs., 13 refs.

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