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Haalbaarheidsstudie energiebesparende maatregelen: Bedrijfsgebouw Trend Cosmetics b.v., Wognum
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 1-4-1999
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ECN-C--99-004 ECN publication
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With respect to the study on the title subject it appears that thecondition of the soil in Wognum is such that foundation piles are necessary to support the building. An integration of a vertical ground heat exchanger and the foundation pile is called an energy pile. In a previous study in which recommendations were made for the energy supply of Trends Cosmetics it was argued that in the piles below the building facade, 20 to 24 piles can be energy-piles, which approximately can extract 10 kW low temperature heat from the underground. When used by a heat pump (COP=3) this results in 15 kW high temperature heat that can be applied in the building. If the building, that already has a low heat consumption, is equipped with a so-called balanced ventilation system with 90% heat recovery the heat pump and energy piles can supply about 90% of the total annual heating demand. The peak demand is furnished by a normal gas-fired condensing boiler. Also, by direct cooling via the floor heating system, the cooling load of the building can be realized by the energy piles and an air conditioning system is not necessary. In this case, a smart building control system should control the cooling in such a way that the maximum cooling load is distributed over 24 hours. It is concluded that by applying only a few energy piles costs can be saved while no investments have to be made for an expensive cooling machine, and primary energy is saved because a heat pump meets 90% of the yearly heat demand. Furthermore, it is shown how much primary energy can be saved for four packages of measures relative to a reference situation. Also an estimate of the costs of these measures is given. 4 refs.

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