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Opslag van thermische energie in een flexibele waterzak
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ECN Energy Efficiency in Industry 1-3-1999
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ECN-C--99-024 ECN publication
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A cheap and flexible way to store heat from several heating installationsis using a water bag. The prime advantage of a water bag over a conventional water tank is the ease of handling; it can be placed in less accessible spaces, e.g. cellars. A heat exchanger, however, is necessary for pressure separation, because a water bag can not withstand the system pressure. A test system has been built consisting of a 100 kW heat generator and a 7 m3 insulated water bag. In order to obtain experience with this type of storage, test runs of a week with a simulated heat demand were performed for several applications. (e.g. heat pump, cogeneration unit, solar collector). The results show that it is possible to obtain some stratification in the water bag and to improve the utilisation of the heating installations. The power performance, however, is a function of the changing temperature during (un)loading. In order to increase the energy density of the storage unit and to improve the power performance with a constant temperature at (un)loading, the application of phase change materials is recommended. 22 refs.

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