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Programma van groene eisen voor Trapezium Amersfoort
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 1-10-1999
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--99-077 ECN publication
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Trapezium is a 2 hectare area of the municipality Amersfoort in the Netherlands which will comprise 68,000 m2 office building surface and parking lots, as well as circa 24 houses and a 1675 m2 area for services. The programme of demands consists of an energy consumption target which must be 25% lower than the national standard. Several options how the energy saving target can be reached are given: use of daylight, natural ventilation and passive cooling. The suggested measures not only describe the energetic optimal form, situation and orientation of the building and the building functions, but also describe how the public space can be planned and how the microclimate in the area can be controlled. Next, an overview is given of how the energy demand can be fulfilled: seasonal thermal energy storage, heat recovery from office buildings for houses and the use of renewable energy. Finally, the feasibility of several measures for the Trapezium area are compared with the energy performance standard, the architectural plan and the exploitation. It is concluded that the target can be realized easily without additional cost and that energy savings can be much larger than expected on the basis of the energy performance coefficient, because of the possibilities offered by a compact city. The success depends on how architects, real estate developers and investors take into account energy saving options right from the start of the project.

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