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Validatiemetingen EWTW. Eindrapport
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 26-2-2007
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-E--06-062 ECN publication
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ECN has carried out a program for the collection of data for the validation of models for the calculation of performance and loads of wind turbines in wake conditions. For that purpose a data-acquisition system has been installed and measurement data have been collected during 2 years in the EWTW test station. Part of this station consists of a row of 5 Nordex 80 wind turbines with variable speed, pitch control. These state-of-the-art turbines have a nominal power of 2500 kW and a diameter and hub height of 80 m. The turbines are placed at a pitch of 3.8 rotor diameters. The farm is equipped with a meteorological mast. Meteorological data up to a height of 108 m, operational parameters of all turbines and bending moments in the blades and tower of one of the turbines have been measured during 2 years and stored in a database automatically. In additional activities, measurement data have been processed for direct validation of models for the calculation of wind characteristics and farm performance in the wake and for the determination of extreme and fatigue loads. This report overviews the activities, the data acquisition system, the contents of the database and presents some of the processing results.

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