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Feed-in incentivisation of renewable electricity. Comparison of three European implementations
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 30-3-2007
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ECN-E--07-030 ECN publication
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On request by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, this report compares the feed-in systems for renewable electricity in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. It shows the main differences and similarities between these feed-in systems based on a fact-finding study. The report is not judgmental of the systems, but serves the quality of the SDE support scheme design by reflecting on the experiences in other countries that are considered effective in supporting renewable electricity. Within a feed-in support tariff system, the produced renewable electricity is not sold on the market in Germany and Spain, and an obligation exists for the electricity operator to accept produced renewable electricity on the grid. The feed-in premium supported renewable electricity is sold on the electricity market, like in the Netherlands. Unlike the Netherlands, Spain and Germany do not have generic financial support for renewable electricity other than the feed-in tariff or feed-in premium. The financing of the feed-in payments occurs through the state budget in the Netherlands, whereas in Germany and Spain the consumers finance the feed-in payments. Consequently, the involvement of parliament in establishing budgets and support levels differs. Although the similarities are plentiful, each country has experienced necessary adjustments to the support policy of renewable electricity. As flexibility of the support scheme stands opposite to stability of the support scheme, no silver bullet has been found for an effective and efficient policy to support renewable electricity.

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