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Assessment of Dutch national climate programme 'Clean and Efficient'
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 18-9-2007
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-E--07-067 ECN publication
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This report contains an ex ante evaluation of the Dutch policy program on energy and climate ‘Clean and Efficient - Opportunities for Tomorrow’. As the effects strongly depend on the stringency of the EU’s policies, the evaluation considered a case with stringent EU policies and a CO2 allowance price of € 50 per ton and a case with modest EU policies and a € 20 CO2 price. The effects of the proposed policy instruments is expected to be significant although uncertain and strongly depending on EU policies. For greenhouse gas emissions, the target of -30% compared tot 1990 can only be achieved with substantial purchases of emission reductions abroad. The target for energy savings of 2% annually is approached when the EU policies on appliances and cars are ambitious and successful. For renewable energy a vast expansion is instrumented although the target of 20% in 2020 is too ambitious. The success of the program depends largely on a tight cap and high allowance prices in the European emission trading scheme. Potential barriers are still expected regarding the sustainability of biofuels; capacity constraints in the construction sector; industry and consumer resistance against standards for cars and appliances; and industry organisation resistance to a tight ETS cap.

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