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Determination of load cases and critical design variables
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 25-2-2010
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ECN-E--10-007 ECN publication
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An overview of systems for which the Critical Design Variables (CDV’s) and a minimum set of Design Load Cases (DLC’s) should be specified is given. At least drive train, pitch system and yaw system should be considered, but the possibility of adding other components if required existed, however the above mentioned three systems were sufficient. For each system the different components have been specified that need to be considered in more detail with respect to design loads than is currently the case in the standards and guidelines.

A specification of the CDV’s for these selected systems is discussed as well as the specification of the (international) standards currently used. A minimum set of DLC’s for the selected systems is also specified. For this purpose it has been determined whether the already specified DLC’s in standards like IEC61400-1, GL guidelines for the Certification of Wind Turbines, and IEC61400-4 cover these design load cases so that in case the design load is covered, the corresponding DLC’s are identified; in case the design load is not covered, new DLC’s are proposed. Only three new DLC’s are proposed, with the marginal note that strictly speaking they are not new DLC’s, they more illustrate the lack in modelling possibilities in current tools. These new DLC’s concern the misalignment, resonance and LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through). Over all the DLC’s are well covered by the current standards and guidelines.

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