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Recommended Practices for Measuring in Situ the "Loads" on Drive Train, Pitch System and Yaw System
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 13-9-2010
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ECN-E--10-083 ECN publication
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The current standards and guidelines concerning prototype measurement campaigns are discussed. The experience in and requirements of load measurements is given concerning the three mechanical components: drive train, pitch system and yaw system. Based on this, a new method is proposed for setting up a prototype measurement campaign with the aim to validate and/or improve the models of the mechanical components that have been used during the design. The method is flexible and consists of six steps that have to be taken. The flexibility is necessary as there are many different versions of each of these mechanical components and the models that are used also show large differences. Therefore the measurement campaign has to be specific, depending on the version of the component itself as well as the type of model used for the calculations. For example if high frequencies are not present in the model, it has no use to measure them, keeping in mind that the goal of the proposed measurement campaign set up is to validate the model. The six steps approach is illustrated by application of the method to these three components; drive train, pitch system and yaw system. The drive train has been modelled using the standard modelling in most aeroelastic tools as well as a more detailed multi body model. For the pitch system the friction is analysed as well as the ovalisation. As the analysis for the yaw system is very much similar to the pitch system, only the last steps (Step 4 to 6) are dealt with, concentrating on measurement aspects regarding the yaw system.

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