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Actualisatie optiedocument 2010. RR2010-SV en NREAP
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 16-9-2011
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ECN-E--11-023 ECN publication
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This report describes the results of the calculations performed with the Analysis Tool of the Options’ Document. This analysis followed an actualisation of input data of the technical options, in particular regarding NEC (National Emission Ceiling) compounds , the power sector, renewable energy and transport. Moreover, the Analysis Tool itself was further enhanced to meet the requests of the Dutch Environmental Assessment agency (PBL). Based on this actualisation, an updated potential outlook was performed starting from the latest reference scenario with implemented policy (RR2010-SV), resulting in a maximum possible GHG reduction of 88 Mton CO2eq by 2020. The issue that received most attention in this analysis is the estimation of NEC effects from the Dutch National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) as submitted to the EC in 2010. This plan describes the intended policy regarding renewable electricity and heat and biofuels. The analysis showed that for most NEC pollutants there are some benefits regarding emissions. Furthermore, a cost efficient variant to reach the same objectives of NREAP (expressed as avoided fossil energy) has also been developed and reported. In this variant , sustainable heat provides a larger contribution than in the submitted NREAP plan.

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