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Methodiek voor opsplitsing CBS-statistiek huishoudelijk gas- en elektriciteitsverbruik en historisch trends
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 17-12-2013
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ECN-E--13-075 ECN publication
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As of 2014, CBS will have to provide Eurostat with more details on the residential energy consumption. The energy consumption will have to be divided into energy consumption for space heating, hot water, cooking, cooling, lighting and other electrical appliances. ECN has developed a method to enable CBS to make this subdivision. For the subdivision of natural gas consumption, ECN adjusted the formulas developed in the HOME study of 2009. For electricity consumption, ECN provided data on the consumption and penetration of relevant appliances. As it turns out, the HOME survey often seems to be the only source for specific data necessary for subdivision of residential energy consumption. Because CBS wants to abandon HOME as its primary source for energy consumption, there is a risk that the HOME survey will be stopped. For a proper division of residential energy consumption it is recommended to look for ways to continue parts of the HOME survey. For the coming years CBS could use extrapolation to determine specific parameters. However, significant changes for lighting and cooling became visible during the last few years. Therefore we do not recommend to use extrapolation for these items.

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