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Quick scan of energy production and wake losses of the Borssele Wind Farm Zone including losses for nearby Belgian Wind Farms
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 17-8-2015
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-E--15-015 ECN publication
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In this report the influence of a 1400 MW wind farm at the Borssele Zone on the energy production of the nearby Belgian wind farms is calculated with FARMFLOW. Next to that the analysis and predictions are listed of 6 different design options for the wind farms at the Borssele Wind Farm Zone. The 6 different wind farm designs vary in:
nominal power, 700, 1400 and 2100 MW and
two different wind turbines, one with a rated power of 6 MW with a rotor di-ameter of 154 m and one with a rated power of 8 MW with a rotor diameter of 164 m. The Belgian offshore wind farms are modelled with the 8 MW wind turbine. The design is created on the basis of the publicly known data qua wind farm nominal power. The predicted losses for the Belgian wind farms due to a 1400 MW wind farm on the Dutch Borssele zone is on average approximately 2.7%. The 6 different designs at the Borssele Wind Farm Zone show capacity factors from 48% to 54% with wind farm wake losses between 14% to less than 4% depending on the size and turbine type. The highest energy production predicted is approximately 2300 GWh

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