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Final public report NChanted (n-type cell and module technology in the Netherlands)
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 27-6-2016
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ECN-E--16-034 ECN publication
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In the NChanted project the partners have developed and demonstrated novel low-cost and high-throughput process technology for high efficiency n-type solar cells. The ECN bifacial n-type cell concept n-Pasha was used as a workhorse for the developments. The projects goals were to: 1) Enable 21% n-Pasha cells 2) Include new processes and equipment and further evolve the n-Pasha concept to be able to reach efficiencies of 22% at competitive costs The partners researched and developed processes and equipment for the full process flow of n-pasha solar cells: wet chemistry (ECN), p+ and n+ junction formation (Tempress), passivating layers for those doped layers (Levitech, ASM and Tempress), structuring the doped and/or passivated area’s (Meyer Burger BV) and contacting the solar cells (Meco). The Eindhoven University of Technology has performed fundamental studies on the passivation of n+ and p+ doped areas, as well as on interactions between different doped and passivating layers. ECNs main tasks were the design and integration of all separate cell processes in a high efficient n-Pasha cell, and the subsequent interconnection of these cells into a module.

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