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A perspective of truck dealers on CO2 emissions from trucks
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 19-1-2018
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ECN-E--18-005 ECN publication
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Action is needed to curb the CO2 emissions from trucks. The European Commission (EC) is therefore developing a norm for CO2 emissions from heavy-duty trucks. To determine an effective and yet realistic norm, the EC uses a simulation tool to determine current emissions from various truck types (VECTO). It is important to optimize the use of VECTO in order to reflect actual emissions. Our study, based on in-depth interviews with truck dealers, features the point of view of this stakeholder group, not prominently involved in the consultation process so far. The dealers provide input on ways to optimize VECTO, as well as alternatives/supplements for measuring CO2 emissions from trucks. We also analyze the key determinants of a truck’s CO2 emissions, as reported by the dealers. Furthermore, our study provides new insights in the truck market: the sales process, types of customers and general policy recommendations related to reducing CO2 emissions from trucks.

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