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Grootschalige toepassing van biobrandstoffen in wegvoertuigen: een transitie naar emissiearm vervoer in Nederland
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1-8-2002
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-I--02-008 ECN publication
Number of pages: Full text:
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This report studies the large scale application of biofuels in roadvehicles in the Netherlands. As a result of the large emission of CO2 from road traffic and the lack of prospects for substantial reduction as long as energy demand is still increasing and fossil fuels are mainly used to meet this demand, a substitute for conventional gasoline en diesel is needed. Biofuels have a considerable potential for reduction of CO2 emission by road vehicles because they are produced from biomass, a renewable energy source.

In order to achieve a transition towards large-scale use of biofuels, efforts need to be made by companies, public authorities, societal groups, user groups and other organisations involved. They may be the driving or opposing forces to this transformation of the current regime. In this report the opportunities and barriers to this change are identified within the long-term perspective of a transition towards sustainable energy supply and transport. Based on this analysis, policy recommendations are provided on how to overcome these barriers and how to mobilise the parties involved towards the large-scale application of biofuels in the Netherlands.

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