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Methodology for integrity assessment of irradiated components with flaws
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ECN-I--97-038 Other
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A methodology for the structural integrity assessment of irradiatedflawed components is provided. The disciplines required for the assessment are fracture mechanics, applied mechanics, materials research, and experimental and analytical neutron metrology. A description of the disciplines is given including the input information and resulting output data of each discipline. The deterministic assessment procedure for fracture initiation is based on the LEFM (Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics) K-concept (K is the stress intensity factor) and the EPFM (Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics) J-integral concept (J is the parameter to characterize the singular stress and strain fields around the crack tip in case of yielding) resulting for instance in a failure assessment diagram. The uncertainties in the material data, loading conditions, and neutron metrology results can be addressed by performing a probabilistic analysis. This approach enables to perform a sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. The fracture assessment methodology described in the report can be elaborated, detailed, and validated by performing a case study on flawed irradiated component material, preferably from a real structure component which has operated in a nuclear environment. 11 figs., 14 refs.

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