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Design, simulation and experiments on a new flat plate sandwich heat exchanger
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ECN Energy Efficiency in Industry 8-11-2006
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ECN-M--06-096 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 13th International Heat Transfer Conference, Sydney, Australia, 13-18 augustus 2006.

A sandwich plate heat exchanger has been designed for application in a high temperature solid sorption heat pump. The heat exchanger consists of two metal sheets that are brazed together with a metal wire mesh in between. This results in a light-weight construction with favourable heat transfer properties and sufficient mechanical strength to resist cyclic pressure variations. The flow distribution in a circular sandwich plate heat exchanger was determined experimentally as well as the average internal heat transfer rate. The results of these experiments were in good agreement with results of simulations that determined the local and average flow, temperature and heat transfer. Finite element calculations were done to select plate thickness and wire mesh dimensions of a sandwich plate heat exchanger to be applied in solid sorption heat pump where it should resist up to hundred thousand load cycles.

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