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Building Concepts for a mid-century energy-neutral society
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Energy in the Built Environment 29-12-2006
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ECN-M--06-105 Conference Paper
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Presented at: SET2006 - 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Vicenza, Italy, 30 augustus 2006-1 september 2006.

In this paper an analysis is presented of the building stock development from now to 2050 and building concepts and scenarios for a mid-century energy-neutral built environment in the Netherlands. The analysis deals with new and existing residential and non-residential buildings and distinguishes different aspects of the energy balance; space heating and cooling, domestic hot water and electricity consumption. An analysis is made of the mix of measures which is needed to reach net energy-neutrality in the built environment in 2050. With the term 'net energy-neutrality', the overall annual energy-usage of the complete building stock, including built environment related systems such as streets within cities is meant, incorporating energy exchange with the industry and transport sectors. Based on the building stock analysis and their energy scenario's, three building concepts are sketched with ambition levels needed for an energy-neutral Dutch building sector in 2050. The defining characteristics of these building concepts are their energy balance and also their impact on health, comfort and the integral living expenses. Modelling energy flows in the building is part of this evaluation.

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