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Climate change mitigation and security of energy supply will benefit from technological innovation
Groenenberg, H.; Ferioli, F.; Heuvel, S. van den; Kok, M.; Manders, T.; Slingerland, S.; Wetzelaer, B.J.H.W.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 27-9-2007
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-M--07-114 Conference Paper
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Presented at: Lund University Conference ‘Energy security in Europe’, Lund, Sweden, 24-25 september 2007.

Today’s EU energy policies are evaluated with respect to their capacity to stimulate promising energy technologies so as to meet present EU objectives of mitigating climate change, securing energy supply and improving competitiveness. Many promising energy technologies may contribute simultaneously to curbing CO2 emissions and improving supply security, and technological innovation will be vital to both. However, energy innovation policies need to meet a number of requirements to be successful. They should not only seek short term efficiencies in the present energy system, but also facilitate the development of a wide range of relatively immature technologies, while using a long time horizon (e.g. up to 2050) and attempting to avoid lock-ins in traditional technologies. The present EU energy policy mix appears not to meet all of these requirements. Apart from a short to medium term horizon in both the EU-ETS and supply in security policies, deficiencies include inter alia targeted support for technologies that still need large scale demonstration, stimulation of hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles, and exploitation of possibilities for labeling and standard setting in industry and transport. Moreover, current policies lack a vision as to how exactly the present energy system should evolve into a low carbon and secure system. There is an apparent need to prioritize future action for an energy transition in the EU in a transition roadmap

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