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Towards application of palladium membrane reactors in large scale production of hydrogen
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ECN Efficiency & Infrastructure 8-12-2009
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ECN-M--09-147 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 8th World Congress on Chemical Engineering, Montreal, Canada, 23-27 augustus 2009.

Palladium membrane reactors have been identified as a promising option for hydrogen production in future power production systems and industrial chemical production processes. This paper gives an overview of the results and current status of the palladium membrane reactor development at ECN for large-scale hydrogen production. Dense tubular Pd alloy membranes with a high hydrogen permeance have been made on ceramic supports with electroless plating on a 1m2 scale. Application of a Pd membrane and a commercial catalyst in membrane reactor experiments have shown that it is possible to shift the methane conversion beyond chemical equilibrium by means of hydrogen withdrawal. A computer model of the palladium membrane reformer was developed and has been successfully used to evaluate the impact of main operating and design parameters on the reactor performance.

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