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SODARs and WISE guys
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ECN Wind Energy 4-3-2010
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ECN-M--10-034 Conference Paper
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Presented at: Topical Expert Meeting on Remote Wind Speed Sensing Techniques Using Sodar and Lidar, Boulder, USA, 15-16 oktober 2009.

ECN experience with SODAR and LIDAR technology ECN was coordinator of the European project WISE. The general aim of the WISE project was the application of the SODAR technique (SODAR = sound detection and ranging) for wind energy applications as a replacement for cup anemometers and tall meteorological masts. Measurements for wind energy applications such as power performance testing are standardised and carefully calibrated and controlled. At the start of the WISE project some trials with SODAR had been held but due to various reasons this did not result in the general acceptance of SODAR for wind energy applications. It was assessed that there was a need for the development of a calibration technique for SODAR and a good understanding of SODAR operational characteristics and limitations. When this has been done SODAR should be tested with a power performance measurement including a rigorous uncertainty analysis. Also the operation of the SODAR in difficult conditions (complex terrain, offshore) has been tested in this project. This project helped to make SODAR an accepted method in the wind energy field. Although the Sodar with the technology level at the end of the project had its limitations, the instrument remains an attractive alternative to expensive large meteo masts for wind measurements with large wind turbines and measurements at offshore locations. However improvements regarding calibration, design and software are suggested in the final report.

Since the WISE project, ECN did not proceed on the same research level in the field of LIDAR. Several experiments with LIDAR systems have been performed near the large masts at Cabauw (200m) or the ECN wind turbine test site Wieringermeer (109m). However, these are mostly commercial of nature, so that little can be published.

In the near future, ECN intends to commence the further testing and implementation of LIDAR systems for wind energy applications.

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