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Adsorption technology for automative air conditioning driven by the engine waste heat
Boer, R. de; Smeding, S.F.; Magnetto, D.; Taklanti, A.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Efficiency & Infrastructure 1-12-2010
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-M--10-093 Conference Paper
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Presented at: DKV Tagung, Magdeburg, Germany, 17-19 november 2010.

This paper describes the development of an air-conditioning (AC) system for a passenger car based on adsorption cooling technology with very low environmental impact. The potential advantages of such a system are a drastic reduction of the fuel (over)consumption and the CO2 emission associated to the AC usage, and the use of water as the refrigerant compliant with the new EC regulation.
A prototype adsorption cooling system was developed for the purpose of on-board testing of mobile air conditioning driven by waste heat recovered from the engine coolant circuit. The system was designed, constructed and first tested in the laboratory of ECN. It produces 2 kW of chilling power with a COP of 0,4. The prototype was afterward installed in the Fiat Grande Punto demonstration car. The system was connected to the engine coolant system of the car and tested under various conditions. The system performances in the car were comparable to the performances in the lab, indicating that the adsorption cooling system integration was successful. Following this experimental work a system redesign and car integration study was done and showed the potential to reduce the volume and weight of the adsorption cooling system to the extent that the system can be integrated in the engine compartment.
The adsorption cooling technology shows interesting application potential for comfort cooling purposes in a car. The amount of waste heat that is freely available in the engine coolant circuit as well as its temperature level is sufficient to drive the adsorption cooling system and to produce enough cold to keep comfortable interior temperatures.

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