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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 17-7-2012
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ECN-M--12-031 Conference Paper
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Thermoacoustic technology can provide new types of heat pumps that can be deployed in dif-ferent applications. A thermoacoustic heat pumps can for example be applied in dwellings to gener-ate cooling or heating. Typically, space and water heating makes up about 60 % of domestics and offices energy consumption. The application of heat pumps can contribute to achieve energy sav-ings and environmental benefits by reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. This paper presents the study of a laboratory scale thermoacoustic-Stirling heat pump operating between 10?C and 80?C which can be applied in domestics and offices. The heat pump is driven by a thermoacoustic-Stirling en-gine. The experimental results show that the heat pump pumps 250 W of heat at 60 ?C at a drive ratio of 3.6 % and 200 W at 80 ?C at a drive ratio of 3.5 %. The performance for both cases is about 40 % of the Carnot performance. The design, construction, and performance measurements of the heat pump will be presented and discussed.

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