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A structured approach for data collection and analysis Assess the offshore O&M strategy with OMCE
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 31-1-2014
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ECN-M--13-044 Conference Paper
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Operation & maintenance is one of the main cost drivers for offshore wind. To aid wind farm operators in structuring their data collection processes and perform O&M strategy modelling, ECN is developing the Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimator (OMCE). The OMCE comprises the OMCE Building Blocks (BBs) and the OMCE-Calculator modules to analyse wind farm data and use those results as input for O&M strategy analyses. ECN and partner RWE defined a research project in the context of the Dutch FLOW programme with the main goal to apply the OMCE model in an offshore wind farm and assess the contribution in realisation of cost reductions. An analysis of operational data supplied by RWE revealed that O&M data are stored in different formats and at different locations which do not correlate well. To better structure O&M data the initial Event List format is refined. The BBs ‘O&M’ and ‘Logistics’ are also further developed, verified and applied to analyse component failure behaviour and logistic aspects of repairs. A reporting system is defined which can be used to perform regular BB analyses using updated O&M data in the Event List format. It is concluded that the majority of required information for maintenance strategy assessment is already available from existing data sources. Next steps include the integration of data collection procedures within Computerised Maintenance Management Systems and further implementation of the OMCE approach.

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