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Allothermal Gasification of High Ash Coals
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 30-1-2014
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ECN-M--14-004 Conference Paper
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The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has modified its biomass gasification set-up to make it suitable for high-ash coals. The modified gasifier is called the i-MILENA. The i-MILENA is an indirect gasifier. Gasification of the solid fuel is separated from the combustion of the remaining char and tar. The i-MILENA gasification technology has a high cold gas efficiency and high methane yield, making it very suitable for application in combination with gas engines, gas turbines and the production of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG). In 2012, the EU Optimash project was started with partners in France, Turkey and India. As part of this project the ECN i-MILENA gasifier was tested with various low-rank coals from Turkey and India. The tests showed that the i-MILENA technology can gasify coals with more than 50 wt% ash, producing a medium-calorific gas without the requirement of an Air Separation Unit (ASU). The Cold Gas Efficiency is approximately 70%, which is relatively high for coals with a high ash content. The fuel conversion is close to 100%, as a result of the separation of the gasification and combustion zones. The remaining ash contains no carbon. This makes disposal or application of the ash much easier. The experiments carried out with different types of high-ash and low-rank coals showed that the technology performs according to expectations. The next step in the development is the scale-up and demonstration of this technology at commercial scale.

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