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Mercury: A back junction back contact cell with novel design for high efficiency and simplified processing
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 20-5-2014
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-M--14-026 Conference Paper
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The back junction back contact cell, and more specifically the interdigitated back contact (IBC) cell is among the most appropriate cell designs to achieve highly efficient solar cells. An important aspect to improve manufacturability (e.g. reduce cost) of the cell and module is to increase the rear side back surface field (BSF) region width, as this currently constitutes the smallest feature size in the diffusion pattern of the IBC cell. We propose a novel design of an IBC cell that enhances the effective lateral transport of minority carriers (holes), therefore allowing wide BSF regions. The novel design feature is to implement an appropriate conductive and well passivated p++-doped layer, referred to as a front floating emitter (FFE), on the front surface of the IBC cell. The design allows developing a cell process based upon ECN’s proven industrial front- and rear contact on n-type wafers (n-pasha) process. By combining with ECN’s back-contact module technology based on an integrated conductive back-foil, as is used for interconnection of MWT cells, this offers a route to an industrially feasible IBC cell and module.

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