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Accurate yearly yield calculation using PV module fingerprint method applied for MWT, H-pattern and thin film modules
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 14-9-2015
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ECN-M--15-004 Conference Paper
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The yearly yield of a module in kWh/kWp depends on the module, the mounting of the module and the location. Accurate models for the calculation of the yearly yield can be very detailed and require many parameters. The parameters of these models are often difficult to determine. Simple models are often not very accurate. In this paper, a method will be described which is simple and accurate for x-Si (MWT back contact and H-pattern) and triple junction a:Si thin film modules. The method consists of 2 stages. First a so-called fingerprint is made of the module at given location. The input for the fingerprint is the irradiance, ambient and module temperature and power output of the module during a limited timeframe. No IV curve, open cell voltage or short circuit current is required. Secondly the power output is calculated with ambient temperature and irradiance data as input, from which the yearly yield in kWh/kWp can be calculated. The accuracy of the model was determined from the comparison of the calculated and measured module temperature and power output. For the x-Si modules, the deviation of the yearly yield was <0.1%, while for the a:Si the deviation was 2%. The higher deviation of the a:Si was due to the lower stability of the thin film module during the year of operation.

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