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The Alkmaar 4 MW bio-SNG demo project
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 12-5-2016
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ECN-M--16-032 Conference Paper
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Natural gas provides nearly 50% of the primary energy used in the Netherlands. Even though energy demand could and should be reduced, meeting targets for the contribution of renewable energy and CO2 reduction will be difficult without a large contribution of “green” gas, i.e. from renewable sources, to substitute fossil natural gas. In a study performed in 2005 on behalf of the “Platform Biobased Raw Materials” Rabou et al. showed how it would be possible to meet a 30% target for the total contribution of renewable energy with a large share of green gas [1]. Two sources were considered: upgraded biogas from biomass digestion and Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) by methanation of product gas from biomass gasification. Nowadays, Power-to-Gas would probably be included as a third source. In hindsight, the 2005 study was rather optimistic about the development and implementation of technology for bio-SNG production. In Güssing, a 1 MW bio-SNG demo plant has been built and commissioned in 2008, but it has not long been used as a production facility. In Gothenburg, plans for a 100 MW demo were discussed with among others ECN in April 2007. The size was later reduced by a factor 4, but realization still took longer than the 5 years aimed for and bio-SNG production started only recently. From 2008, ECN together with Royal Dahlman and HVC Alkmaar (originally a local waste incineration company) developed plans to demonstrate MILENA gasification and OLGA tar removal technology at 12 MW scale. The idea was to produce power and heat initially and SNG eventually from clean wood. Market developments forced HVC to withdraw after 5 years of preparation and planning, but Gasunie (the Dutch gas transport company), local and regional government and several other companies joined as partners. This conference contribution gives the present plans and status.

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