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ITER ISDC assessment for blanket test module application
Published by: Publication date:
ECN NUC 1-10-1998
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ECN-R--98-002 Other
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The test blanket modules (TBM) to be operated in ITER, will have to bedesigned in line with the rules for ITER. The TBMs have to be more or less DEMO relevant and therefore materials and design differ to a large extent from ITER in-vessel structures. The ITER interim structural design criteria ISDC can therefore not be used by the TBM designers as such. A working group was established to identify the adaptations and additions required for the ISDC in order to use it effectively for the TBM design. The ISDC version, amended in October 1997, formed the basis of the assessment. Major items to be settled are the integration of design, development, manufacturing and operation into one quality system. For Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic steels the chain of design specification, data base building and decisions on design criteria has to be established. Welding, HIP products, irradiation and corrosion specifications should also be addressed. Actions to attain the identified goals are recommended. 7 refs.

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