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Volatile organic compounds and aerosols in air: development of sampling methods, chemical analysis and modelling
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1-4-1999
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ECN-R--99-001 Other
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Emissions of traffic contribute to a large extent to the health effectsof air pollution. It is still uncertain how much of these effects are due to aerosols and whether chemical composition or just the number of particles are important. The interactions between gaseous and particulate matter in the atmosphere requires that scientific studies will have to deal with those interdependencies. Computer models will be very useful here, but these models must be evaluated using measurements. Good and useful measurements to test these models are scarce. Sampling and analysis of organic compounds in gaseous and particulate phase in the atmosphere is a complex job. To study the relative importance of the possible processes in the atmosphere in the first half hour after emission of organic compounds, measurements and computer models to test (the gaps in) our knowledge are required. In this report the analytical and sampling methods deployed or developed to do this are described. During an experiment along the A9 highway in the Netherlands the sampling and analysis techniques were tested. Within certain limitations all methods deployed are adequate for use in further research. Modelling tools are developed and adopted to describe the dispersion process, chemical reactions, deposition and aerosol processes. 18 refs.

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