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Ribbon-Growth-on-Substrate: status, challenges and promises of high speed silicon wafer manufacturing
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ECN Solar Energy 1-9-2002
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ECN-RX--02-038 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 12th Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Materials and Processes, Breckenridge CO, USA, 11-14 augustus 2002.

The Ribbon-Growth-on-Substrate (RGS) silicon wafer manufacturing technologyis a very promising high-speed wafer production technique under development at the moment. It has the promise to lead to a manufacturing technology, which allows silicon wafer manufacturing at the 25 MWp/a to 50 MWp/a level. A future development of this technology in the areas, RGS machine prototyping, wafer quality improvement and solar cell process optimization should lead to a commercialization of this technology in 2005. In the following an outline of the past developments, a status of the RGS technology today and the most probable road ahead is presented.

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