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Dye sensitised solar cells from laboratory scale to pre-pilot stage
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ECN Solar Energy 1-5-2003
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ECN-RX--03-018 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 3rd World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Osaka, Japan, 11-18 mei 2003.

At ECN Solar Energy, the dye sensitised solar cell (nc-DSC) is developedfrom laboratory scale to the pre-pilot module stage. The process line with mechanised equipment for 10×10 and 7.5×10 cm2 devices is presented. Power conversion efficiencies of 6% obtained for cell-areas of 2.5 cm2 are successfully translated to 100 cm2 devices (active-area 68 cm2) by application of identical cell components. Reproducible efficiencies of 6.0±0.3% are achieved at high yields of over 85%. These results prove that complete device manufacturing of nc-DSC using a baseline process, starting with colloid synthesis is reproducible for surfaces up to 10×10 cm2. Four-cell 30×30 cm2 modules are constructed to verify the feasibility of translating critical process steps carried out on 10×10 cm2 to 30×30 cm2. Cost calculations based on the present processing schemes (semi-automated) indicate a cost level of 2.5 Euro/Wp at 1 MWp/year capacity, of which labour amounts to 40%.

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