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Development and testing of a sorbent filled heat exchanger for use in compact solid sorption cooling systems
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ECN Energy Efficiency in Industry 1-6-2005
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ECN-RX--05-121 Conference Paper
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Presented at: International Sorption Heat Pump Conference 2005, Denver, USA, 22-24 juni 2005.


A vacuum test-rig was used to determine the rate of convective heat transfer between a heat transport fluid and a heat exchanger under dynamic conditions. The heat transfer coefficient for the compact plate-fin type heat exchanger under study is 1800 W/m2K at a water flow rate of 4 l/min. When using the same heat exchanger on the fin-side filled with silica gel, the rate of heat transfer depends on the amount of sorbent that is heated or cooled. The heat transfer rate becomes variable in time, making this approach less suitable; only an average heat transfer coefficient for a specific period of time can be derived for this situation. Using the test-rig equipped with a condenser/evaporator, an overall cooling power of 1 kW was determined when the heat exchanger was filled with wet silica gel beads. This corresponds to 300 W cooling power per kg dry sorbent. Based on these results theoretically a cooling power density of 75 kW/m3 can be reached using microporous silica gel/H2O in combination with the proposed plate-fin heat exchanger.

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