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Characterization of the chemical bath deposited In(OH)xSy films: Importance of the growth conditions
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ECN Solar Energy 1-6-2006
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ECN-RX--06-044 Conference Paper
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Presented at: E-MRS, European Materials Research Society, Nice, France, 29 mei 2006-2 juni 2006.

The In(OH)xSy thin films were deposited by chemical bath depositionusing three different deposition procedures: 'hot': starting the deposition at 70°C, 'cold': starting the deposition at room temperature and pre-treatment with In3 ions prior the 'hot' deposition. The analysis of the deposited In(OH)xSy layers on glass revealed that modifications in the chemical bath deposition procedure provoked significant changes in the nucleation process, the growth rate, the layer elemental composition and the layer morphology. With an additional In3 pretreatment or starting from a cold solution, the formation of a dense bottom layer has been observed, resulting in a more compact structure and the refractive index values of 2.6, compared to those obtained from 'hot' deposition. The comparison of the measured In/S ratio with a thicker layer suggests, that the In(OH)xSy deposition starts with an OH-rich layer. Assuming the indirect allowed bang gap transition type, an Eg of 2.2 eV was found independent of the procedure type, deposition time or films thickness.

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