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Determination of the irradiation dependent efficiency of multicrystalline Si PV modules on basis of IV curve fitting and its influence on the annual performance
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ECN Solar Energy 1997
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ECN-RX--97-045 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Paper, presented at the 14th European photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition, 30 June - 4 July, 1997, Barcelona, Sp (), , , Vol., p.-.

PV modules can be characterised by their maximum power at Standard TestConditions, STC. It is well known that PV modules rarely operate under these circumstances. For a calculation of the annual energy collection the efficiency of the module as a function of the irradiance should be known, as well as the influence of the module temperature, the spectral distribution of the light and the angle of incidence, on the maximum power point of the module. It is investigated how well the efficiency of a particular set of multicrystalline PV modules at light intensities and module temperatures other than at STC can be predicted from a limited number of outdoor I-V measurements and their characteristic two-diode model parameters of the I-V curves. Some model parameters were found to depend on the irradiance. The efficiency curve calculated on basis of the two-diode model and the experimentally determined efficiency curve were used to calculate the yearly energy collection for two locations. 7 figs., 3 tabs., 6 refs.

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