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Cost-effective MC-Si cell processing by screenprinting on remote-PECVD layers
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ECN Solar Energy 1998
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ECN-RX--98-039 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Paper, presented at the 2nd World conference and exhibition on photovoltaic solar energy conversion, Vienna, Austria, 06-10 July (), , , Vol., p.-.

Silicon nitride (SiN) deposited in a remote-PECVD system has been appliedas AR layer on 10x10 cm2 multicrystalline Si cells in an industrial process using screenprinting on, and 'firing through' the AR coating. It is shown that this deposition process induces an efficient surface and bulk passivation of the solar cells, leading to an absolute efficiency improvement of about 1% when compared with a process sequence in which APCVD TiO2 is deposited after metallization. The best cell of the remote-PECVD SiN group has a Voc of 608 mV, a Jsc of 32.8 mA/cm2 and an efficiency of 14.3%. The efficiency improvement by applying remote-plasma SiN is due to both an enhanced lifetime of the minority charge carriers in the bulk and a reduced recombination at the front surface. Spectral response measurements reveal an increase of the internal quantum efficiency across the whole wavelength range if remote-plasma SiN is applied instead of APCVD TiO2. The increase of the blue response, i.e. the reduction of the front surface recombination, is remarkably high if we take into account that (a) the absorption of SiN in this wavelength region is significantly higher than for TiO2, and (b) the emitters used in this study are characterized by a rather high P concentration at the surface. The importance of these results is that they prove for the first time that it is possible to insert homogeneous SiN deposition by remote-PECVD on 10x10 cm2 and larger wafers in an industrial processing scheme using screenprinting for front and rear side metallization. 5 refs.

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