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Environmental properties and potential for utilisation of MSOR stabilised in a bioreactor
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1-7-1999
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-RX--99-018 Article (scientific)
Number of pages:

Published in: Seventh International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, 4-8 October 1999 (), , , Vol., p.-.

Prompted by the potential utilization of the final product, the emphasisin this study is on the leaching properties of the final product from MSOR after biological degradation in a bioreactor. Characterization leaching tests such as the pH dependence test and a column test have been carried out to assess the long term leaching behaviour of the final product in comparison with the starting material. Leaching of metals proves to be largely dictated by DOC in solution. Besides existing criteria on acceptable release in given scenarios (construction/disposal) DOC generation in leachate can provide a useful additional criterion to limit release. 4 refs.

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