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Test method selection, validation against field data, and predictive modelling for impact evaluation of stabilised waste disposal
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 14-9-2010
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ECN-W--07-052 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Journal of Hazardous Materials (), , 2007, Vol.141, p.354-369.

In setting criteria for landfill classes in Annex II of the EU Landfill Directive, it proved to be impossible to derive criteria for stabilised monolithic waste due to the lack of information on release and release controlling factors in stabilised waste monofills. In this study, we present a scientific basis, which enables a realistic description of the environmental impact of stabilised waste landfills.The work in progress involves laboratory testing of different stabilisation recipes, pilot scale studies on site and evaluation of field leachate from a full-scale stabilisation landfill. We found that the pHs in run-off and in percolate water from the pilot experiment are both around neutral. The neutral pH in run-off is apparently caused by the rapid atmospheric carbonation of those alkaline constituents that are released. The soil, used as a liner protection layer, controls the release to the subsurface below the landfill. This soil layer buffers pH and binds metals. The modelling results show that the chemistry is understood rather well. Differences between predicted and actual leaching might then be attributed to discrepancies in the description of sorption processes, complexation to organic matter and/or kinetic effects in the leaching tests. We conclude that this approach resulted in a new scientific basis for environmental impact assessment of stabilised waste landfills. The integrated approach has already resulted in a number of very valuable observations, which can be used to develop a sustainable landfill for monolithic waste and to provide guidance for the management of waste to be stabilised (e.g. improved waste mix design).

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