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Assessment of Condition Monitoring Techniques for Offshore Wind Farms
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 29-7-2008
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ECN-W--08-034 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (ASME), , 2008, Vol.Vol. 130 / 03, p.1004-1-1004-9.

This paper discusses the results of an extensive investigation to assess the added value of various techniques of health monitoring to optimize the maintenance procedures of offshore wind farms. This investigation was done within the framework of the EU funded Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Farms (CONMOW) project, which was carried out from 2002 to 2007. A small wind farm of five turbines has been instrumented with several condition monitoring systems and also with the “traditional” measurement systems for measuring mechanical loads and power performance. Data from vibration and traditional measurements, together with data collected by the turbine’s system control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, have been analyzed to assess (1) if failures can be determined from the different data sets; (2) if so, if they can be detected at an early stage and if their progress over time can be monitored; and (3) if criteria are available to assess the component’s health. Several data analysis methods and measurement configurations have been developed, applied, and tested. This paper first describes the use of condition monitoring if condition based maintenance is going to be applied instead of only scheduled and corrective maintenance. Second, the paper describes the CONMOW project and its major results, viz., the assessment of the usefulness and capabilities of condition monitoring systems, including algorithms for identifying early failures. Finally, the economic consequences of applying condition monitoring systems have been quantified and assessed.

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