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Agricultural air quality in Europe and the future perspectives
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 20-8-2008
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ECN-W--08-036 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Atmospheric Environment (Elsevier), , 2008, Vol.42, p.3209-3217.

Agricultural emissions in Europe are important to several atmospheric transport-related environmental issues. These include local and regional air quality problems, such as PM exposure, eutrophication and acidification, toxics and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a number of environmental impacts. Over Europe, agricultural emissions are variable in space and time and the contribution to the different issues are variable. Most important are ammonia (90%), PM (20%) and methane and nitrous oxide (both 5%). Policies have been developed to combat some of the emissions with success in some countries. However, future, national and European policies are necessary to successfully decrease emissions and its related problems. Current research issues include the quantification of non-point sources, the atmosphere–biosphere exchange of ammonia, the quantification of landscape processes and the primary and secondary emissions of PM.

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