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Carbon capture & storage in power generation and wind energy: flexibility and reliability issues in scenarios for Northwest Europe
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 21-10-2011
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ECN-W--11-049 Article (scientific)
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The Netherlands is both heavily dependent on the success of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and renewable electricity for its decarbonisation policy. The same holds for the EU and some of its Member States like the UK. This paper discusses several scenarios for the Netherlands within the context of a liberalised and a more and more connected energy market in Northwest Europe. The research reported here shows that CCS on new coal fired power plants does not pose a threat to the increase in the electricity production by large quantities of wind energy in the electricity system, and vice versa. For renewable energy, several additional policies are in place mainly in the form of financial support as long as these renewable options are not yet profitable. For CCS, financial support is only granted now for a selection of the first demonstration projects now planned in the EU. It is not yet clear if large scale CCS and high shares of wind energy can be incorporated in a balanced way in the electricity system. This paper shows that from a technical and economic point of view, there is room for both, and under which conditions such a two fold growth will be feasible.

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