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Validation of a water-gas shift reactor model based on a commercial FeCr catalyst for pre-combustion CO2 capture in an IGCC power plant
Dijk, H.A.J. van; Hernandez, D.; Hakeem, A.A.; Damen, K.; Makkee, M.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 14-3-2018
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-W--14-007 Article (scientific)
Number of pages:

Published in: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (Elsevier), , 2014, Vol.29, p.82-91.

tIn the Nuon/Vattenfall CO2Catch-up project, a pre-combustion CO2capture pilot plant was built andoperated at the Buggenum IGCC power plant, the Netherlands. The pilot consist of syngas conditioning,sweet water-gas shift, condensate recovery, bulk CO2separation by physical absorption using dimethyl-ether of poly-ethylene-glycol (DEPEG) as solvent, solvent regeneration and CO2compression. The projectaimed at verifying the technology performance and at generating knowledge in the form of validatedmodels and operational experience. This paper describes the construction and validation of the modelfor the WGS reactors. A one-dimensional heterogeneous reactor model was developed. The intrinsickinetics was measured in the lab at 20 bar pressure, 350–450?C and in the presence of 5–20 ppm ofH2S. The engineering reactor model is successfully validated against a set of 20 steady-state pilot plantoperational periods varying in inlet temperature, syngas composition and throughput. A good fit of thepilot plant data was obtained by moderately tuning the relative catalyst activity in the model to the stateof the catalyst in the pilot. This indicates that the lab-scale catalyst ageing procedure effectively mimicsthe initial catalyst deactivation observed in the pilot plant.

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