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Application of an advanced cost model in the different design phases of an offshore wind turbine
Hendriks, H.B.; Lindenburg, C.; Kooijman, H.J.T.; Bulder, B.H.; Bozelie, J.; Madsen, J.B.; Halfschepel, R.; Molenaar, W.; Berg, R. van den; Zaaijer, M.B.
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ECN Wind Energy 1-9-2001
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ECN-RX--01-058 Conference Paper
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Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-6 juli 2001.

The goal of the Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Converter (DOWEC) consortium is to develop concepts and technology in order to make large scale offshore wind energy economically feasible. The overall DOWEC development comprises of the design, the construction, and the prototype testing. Onshore testing of a 3 MW research and development prototype is scheduled for the end of 2002.The DOWEC Concept Study aims at the choice of the optimal wind turbine concept. The wind turbine will not be treated as an isolated system. Designs of different wind turbine concepts will be evaluated as an integral part of the complete large-scale offshore wind farm. All significant properties like the structural loads, the power performance, the system reliability, the costs of the electric infrastructure, maintenance costs and installation costs is determined for the optimised designs. A quantitative ranking is then based on the cost of energy generated. Furthermore qualitative criteria like development risk and market potential will be taken into consideration when finalising the choice of concept. An advanced cost model is being developed to facilitate the above evaluation on basis of estimated energy generating costs for each concept. The same methodology will also be used in the system and detail design phase. This paper describes the DOWEC project in general, focusing at the cost modelling aspects including some preliminary results.

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