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The impact of an increasing amount of wind power on the high voltage grid of Costa Rica
Pierik, J.T.G.; Engelen, T.G. van; Winkelaar, D.; Montero, J.C.; Sancho, R.
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ECN Wind Energy 1-6-2003
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ECN-RX--03-038 Conference Paper
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Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference 2003, Madrid, Spain, 16-19 juni 2003.

The objective of the Costa Rica grid feed-in study is to determine theeffect of an increasing amount of wind power on the stability of the high voltage grid of Costa Rica. Due to a favourable wind climate, the amount of wind power in Costa Rica is increasing steadily. There is some concern about the effect of fluctuating wind power on the frequency and voltage variations of the grid. Especially the loss of a large amount of wind power in a very short time, 30 second to a few minutes, is expected to result in a frequency control problem. This study intends to quantify this problem. The method used is twofold:

  1. dynamic simulations of the High Voltage grid of Costa Rica, including existing and future wind farms, are used to study the effect of wind power variations on the frequency stability;
  2. the probability of wind speeds exceeding 25 m/s at different locations at the same time is determined, in order to estimate the chance of cut-out of a complete wind farm in a short period of time.

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