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ECN Wind Energy 15-5-2007
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ECN-M--07-045 Conference Paper
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Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference 2007, Milan, Italy, 7-10 mei 2007.

The contribution of the O&M costs of offshore wind farms to the cost of electricity is relatively large. The O&M effort in the wind farm is therefore one of the issues to optimise. ECN develops the 'Operations and Maintenance Cost Estimator'. This tool can assist owners and operators of offshore wind farms to better estimate and control the O&M costs of offshore wind farms. Since cost estimating of the operation and maintenance will be especially important during operation of the wind farm, all information, experience and data from the wind farm should be used to optimise this task. It is therefore necessary to collect information of the wind farm, the turbines, the operation and the maintenance in order to analyse trends. Since a main part of the O&M costs are determined by unexpected failures and corrective maintenance, the task is to determine trends that indicate if failures will occur, how many and what costs are associated to these failures on the longer term. The O&M cost estimator consists of a core that is able to calculate the failures, repairs, logistics etc. of the wind farm in order to estimate the time-varying O&M costs. The input into this core should be updated by the wind farm operator based on the wind farm data. In order to do so, several tools (decision support) are under development. In this report the structure of the O&M cost estimator is presented and the underlying tools are highlighted.

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