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PROBIOS: Promotion of biofuels for sustainable development
Deurwaarder, E.P.; Londo, H.M.; Kumar, A.; Reddy, A.; Lago Rodriguez, C.; Vanecek, M.
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ECN Policy Studies 3-9-2007
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ECN-M--07-094 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 15th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Berlin, Germany, 7-11 mei 2007.

India and neighbouring countries have become interested in promoting biofuels, as has been done with success in European Union. However, for them the barriers to the use of biofuels are still substantial. The ProBIOS project aims to promote biofuels for sustainable development in South and Southeast Asia. This was done by firsta thorough review of issues related to biofuels in India and surrounding countries, as well for Europe in order to able to learn from experience. Asecond stage focused on knowledge exchange and capacity building through several working conferences and workshops in South and Southeast Asia and in the EU, and through a study tour for South and Southeast Asian biofuels stakeholders and policy makers in the EU.The ProBIOS project has raised awareness on the topic of biofuels in India and the neighbouring countries, especially through the organised workshops. Although the project has not been completed yet, from the review study and the workshops it was possible to identify several key issues: 1. There are opportunities to learn from European experience especially in the field of policy, biodiesel conversion technology and CDM. 2. Most of the barriers are for the farmers, who need support in overcoming them, otherwise theymight loose interest. 3. There is a strong need for information, research and dissemination on jatropha cultivation. 4. The governments of India and neighbouring countries have not yet found a successful and affordable financial support mechanism for biofuels. 5. Biofuels can contribute to the reduction of poverty for the rural poor and to thereduction of oil imports, but it is difficult to reach both these objectives with the same measures.Keywords: bioene

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