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Materials for compact thermal energy storage: a new IEA Joint SHC/ECES Task
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ECN Efficiency & Infrastructure 26-8-2009
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ECN-M--09-107 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 4th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference (ESTEC) 2009, Munich, Germany, 25-26 mei 2009.

A new IEA Task has recently been initiated to develop new storage materials. This Task is implemented as a Joint Task between the Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) and Energy Conservation through Energy Storage (ECES) Implementing Agreements, and is entitled “IEA SHC/ECES 42/24: Compact thermal energy storage: material development for system integration”. The objective of this Task is to develop advanced materials for compact storage systems, suitable not only for solar thermal systems, but also for other renewable heating and cooling applications such as solar cooling, micro-cogeneration, biomass, or heat pumps. The Task will cover phase change materials, thermochemical and sorption materials, and composite materials and nanostructures, and will include activities such as material development, analysis, and engineering, numerical modelling of materials and systems, development of storage components and systems, and development of standards and test methods. The main added value of this Task is to combine the knowledge of experts from materials science as well as solar/renewable heating and energy conservation. The Task has officially started on January 1, 2009, and will last for four years. At the conference, the results of the kick-off meeting will be presented. In addition, an overview will be given of the activities planned within the task, and of the first results of the projects that have already started.

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