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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 12-6-2012
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ECN-M--12-018 Conference Paper
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Indirect gasification offers the advantage of using low cost fuels in installations with strict fuel requirements. Pulverized coal boilers are using hard coal as their main fuel, but for different reasons other cheaper fuels could be acceptable as well. However, cheaper fuels typically mean more problems in downstream equipment. Indirect gasification offers the solution for many of these fuel related problems. The following paper describes tests with different types of fuel, such as lignite, demolition wood and grass as feedstock for an indirect gasifier. It will also give a comparison with direct gasification, which is already common practice for co-firing applications. The paper will outline the advantages indirect gasification has over direct gasification and will quantify the economic advantage it has over direct co-firing. This is the main conclusion: Indirect gasification is fuel flexible, has a 100% conversion of the fuel and reduces the load of impurities to the boiler compared to direct co-firing with more than 80%. It can operate at low temperatures and still obtain full conversion of the fuel. The electricity production price with indirect co-firing is estimated at 5.1 €ct/kWh compared to 8.2 €ct/kWh for direct co-firing.

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