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Calculating site-specific emission criteria for sustainable landfills: The Dutch approach
Dijkstra, J.J.; Zomeren, A. van; comans, R.N.J.; Brand, E.; Claessens, J.W.
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 10-10-2013
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ECN-M--13-034 Conference Paper
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SUMMARY: Recently, a project has been started in the Netherlands to investigate whether source-oriented treatment techniques over a period of one or more decades will lead to a significant reduction in emission potential of a number of pilot landfills. In order to judge whether the leaching of contaminants from a treated landfill has reached an environmentally acceptable level to release the landfill from aftercare, emission criteria for the landfill leachate need to be established. A novel generic methodology is developed to calculate site-specific emission criteria, expressed as maximum concentrations (µg/l) of target contaminants in the landfill leachate, while considering free infiltration of rainwater. Presently, site-specific emission criteria are being calculated for three different pilot landfills in the Netherlands. The methodology is based on a “source-path-point of compliance” approach, and takes into account site-specific factors that influence the transport rate of leached contaminants on the “path” between the “source” (the landfill) and the downstream point of compliance, where site-specific groundwater limit values have to be met. The project is considered to be in line with the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC) and Groundwater Directive (GWD, 2006/118/EC). The choices made concerning the environmental objective, background concentrations and location of POC are related as much as possible to the Dutch interpretation of the WFD and GWD. The focus of this paper is on the technical approach by which the emission criteria are calculated, as well as the sensitivity of calculated emission criteria for different choices in chemical-, physical and policy-oriented parameters and boundary conditions. Final emission criteria for three pilot landfills will be published in the second half of 2013.

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